For my last birthday, Dec.31, 2018, I planned ahead as it can always be a dark time for me. I tried to make time for myself (having a 4 year old and 2 year old has been the most emotionally and physically draining thing I have ever done) so I scheduled acupuncture with Lis Goldschmidt at Five Pins in San Francisco. She told me about your liver pills and I ordered them as soon as they were back in stock. I can’t tell you how much better I have felt with that small supplementation. I have my kids taking them as well. I feel like I’m just coming out of the fog of motherhood now. With so little in place to support us and everything we are responsible for it’s so inspiring to see you representing us so honestly. Your pills have put me on a path to care for myself and my family in a healthier way. Your voice has helped me to accept that everyday is not a catalog cover and living in reality is more important then using all my energy to attempt perfection. 

-Jen, San Francisco

Hi! I'm just about done with my first bottle of your liver pills. I stumbled across your Instagram through someone else I follow and am so happy I did. I'm currently nursing a 3 year old and 18 month old and recently figured out that I've had adrenal fatigue for months. I felt like I was pretty much dying every day - my hair was brittle and I was bruising a ton and so much other crap. My period hadn't started up again since my youngest's birth and I figured it was because my body was working too hard and was in basic survival mode. I've been doing all the things that are recommended for recovery from adrenal fatigue, but oh my gosh, I feel amazing after taking these liver pills. My period is back. And I feel strong. I haven't felt this way in a long time and I completely believe it's because of your pills. So I'm just writing to say thank you for doing your thing and sharing it with the world.

-Alicia, San Jose 

So, the pills are freaking amazing. I think perhaps I have been slightly anemic for a long time. It's still hard AF to get out of bed these dark winter mornings, but I have increased energy (like balls out energy). But the best thing has been the increased concentration. I am feeling sharp in my day to day in a way that I haven't in a while. And taking six pills a day has been fine - I just have to do it slowly to avoid the gag reflex :). Thanks for providing such an awesome service.    

-Nicole, Seattle

Thank YOU Suuzi! I can't even tell you how much I love the liver pills, my hair has grown like CRAZY over the past few months, I know it must be from them. A ton of it fell out from the dry weather when we lived in Calgary, and I tried everything for the past 3 years to get it to grow again. Started taking your pills and its growing like a weed and so thick and healthy, even with all the crap I do to it!

-Devon, BC, Canada


I'm already noticing the liver period arrived this week and I don't feel nearly as wiped out as usual!

Rachel, Louisiana


My own experience with your liver pills has been remarkable: I ran out of my placenta pills (except for a few stashed in the freezer for menopause, I am planning ahead) and I noticed a dip in my energy and overall mood. Being 2 months postpartum, I felt thrown by my emotional and energetic weirdness (though it made sense to me based on conversations with other mamas and midwives) and discovering your pills was such an incredible Instagram gift. They have made a huge difference in my life and I'm truly grateful for them. Sending you a great big hug for your incredible work and inspiring voice.

Kelly, California


I just wanted to say that I've been taking a couple of your liver pills a day (since I'm a shrimp) and my skin hasn't looked this clear since before I hit puberty! I can't believe it. I feel so much more confident about myself, which is such a gift. I think my eyes look brighter as well! And I'm getting back out there and dating again! Whut?! Thank you for being you and doing what you do, lady!

Sarah Jane, East Tennessee


My little peanut man decided to be born early 2 weeks ago. Actually I should say my damn placenta previa bled and evicted the poor guy. Luckily he was a little 34 weeker rock star and only needed 8 days of NICU time to feed and grow. He's a breastfeeding champ! Your liver pills have definitely been helping me recover from a pretty significant bleed and subsequent c-section! I'm feeling pretty great for being 2 weeks postpartum!

Melissa, San Diego

Your liver pills have been AMAZING! After years of struggling with anemia, thyroid issues and the related hair loss- after one month on your magic liver pills I feel healthier than ever! And the hair growth! I cant't believe it! All these new inch long dark hairs filling in my hairline and temples - when I run my hands through it I can feel how thicker it is at the scalp- it fills me with hope!

Lisa, Los Angeles

I was also making the girls at the Bachelorette Party this past weekend take doses of the Liver Pills as a hangover cure! The next day, they all asked for more cuz they helped!  

Sierra Baker, RN, San Diego, CA

I'd love to order two more bottles...these pills are literally changing my life. I actually have ENERGY.

Julie, NYC

I recently finished my first bottle of liver pills, and they are amazing :) Since starting the pills, I have increased energy and just feel SO much better. I have been a vegan for almost 10 years, and recently decided that I wanted to start integrating animal products back into my diet. With that said, I am taking it really slow, and thought that a pill form of an organ meat might be a nice way to start. I am so glad I gave it a shot! Whenever you make a new batch, I would love to order a few more bottles from you! Thank you for providing us all with such a great product.

Kendall, Maryland

Hey! So I'm on day 2 and am BLOWN AWAY by how I feel!!! I have so much energy and the brain fog is gone.

Katrina, BC, Canada