How many liver pills do I take?

Suggested dosage is 6/day. You can take more or less depending on how you feel. You can take them with a meal or between meals. I like to take them with breakfast to increase mid-afternoon energy levels. Some like to take them later in the day as an adrenal boost. Trust yourself.

What can I expect?

The nutrients in liver (Vitamins A & D, all the B-vitamins including folate, iron, copper, zinc, DHA, trace minerals and antioxidants) serve many functions in the body, including nourishing the blood, reproductive system, nervous system, digestion, eyesight, skin health, hair growth and color, overall anti-aging, and maintaining excellent energy levels. These nutrients are especially important for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, women planning to conceive, pre- and post-menopausal women, children, athletes, and those recovering from stress or illness. Many experience greater energy, decreased anxiety, increased strength, and better sleep.

How much liver am I taking each day?

Each serving (6 capsules) is the equivalent of 1/2 ounce of liver.

How much Vitamin A, Vitamin D, etc. is in the capsules?

We do not independently test our liver capsules for vitamin levels. It's too expensive for our small company, and nutrient levels can vary seasonally and based on the age of the animal. If you're curious, you can look up the USDA chart for vitamins in liver.

The wisdom of nature...

In the wild, when a carnivore makes a kill, often the first thing it eats is the liver. If game is plentiful, often the predator will move on and leave the muscle meat for the scavengers. Primitive hunting/gathering peoples (the lifestyle and diet genetically modern humans followed for 195,000 years) followed this same pattern. The liver was the prized part of the kill and was shared and eaten immediately.

Will these liver pills solve all my health problems and turn me into a magical unicorn superhero?

Yeah, definitely! I mean, wait, what? Please use good judgment. Discuss your health care and supplements with a trusted health care provider, such as your GP, Oriental Medicine practitioner, Homeopath, or Nutritional Consultant. These supplements are not evaluated by the FDA. You take them of your own volition, as a self-sovereign citizen of planet earth.

Are the cows organic?

Yes, they are living animals. Some of the small American ranches that we source our livers from are not certified organic due to the high cost of organic certification (read: to be "certified organic," farms and ranches must go through a process that involves multiple government inspections and fees. That's not always feasible for small operations). All of our ranches maintain excellent, humane, grass-fed practices: the cattle live outdoors ranging on pasture land and are never confined to feed lots. The cattle eat grass and hay, are hormone-free (except for their own natural hormones), and are never fed corn, soy or recycled food waste or animal parts.


That's up to you and your health care practitioner. Many do, as the nutrients in liver support your body while it gives to your baby. Mother's Best Liver Pills owner and founder Suuzi took the liver pills throughout her recent pregnancy and continues to take them while nursing her baby.

Do guys take them? 

Heck yeah.

Do you have to be pregnant or nursing to take them them? 


Why are they sold out?

This is an intimate, artisan business, and our liver pills are available in small, seasonal production runs. I wish I could have liver available to you 24/7! However, the reality is, a high-quality animal must be born on a high-quality ranch, live its life, be harvested and packed, and then Mother's Best Liver Pills needs to get hold of that liver and start the production process! For that reason, we sell out periodically. Thank you for your understanding. If you'd like to be notified when new stock is available, please join our mailing list.

Can vegetarians take liver pills?

Yes, and many do. Many vegetarians and vegans finding their way into an omnivorous nutrient-dense diet find the liver pills extremely helpful.